27 April 2010

A few updates. . .

Scuba Becky has been back at work now for two weeks.  No problems so far. . .Deo gratis!  Your prayers have been much appreciated by mom, me, and our whole family.

Still no word on how my summer plans can be salvaged.  I will have to make a decision soon.  It looks like my Religion & Science course will have enough students to make.  The American literature course will not.

The WISH LIST has been update.  I changed my shipping address to my parents' place in Mississippi, so shipping will be domestic rather than international.

My thanks for all the emails of concern about my family in Mississippi. . .no one from our neck of the woods was hurt by the recent tornadoes in the delta. 

Update on the Apple Cider Vinegar cure:  I continue to get an energy boost, but the help it gave me with my insomnia has dissipated.  One caution if you try this. . .wait at least three hours after a meal before drinking.  It can cause G-I upset.

I am working on a few posts from the Suggestions List I solicited recently.  Be patient and keep checking back.

Podcast download numbers have been good. . .good enough to encourage me to continue recording and posting links to my preached homilies.  Thanks for the business!

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1 comment:

  1. Sharon6:07 PM

    Re the Apple Cider Vinegar - any news on the sweating front?

    Re your insomnia is it possible that you are working too close to bedtime and your brain hasn't switched off enough to permit you to sleep? If you are a light sleeper anyway you need your room/cell to be very dark and quiet. Have you tried some warm milk - contains tryptophan - ? I have been a poor sleeper since I had children - mothers have to be on duty 24/7 - and in the last year, because of a medical condition thought to be caused by chronic sleep deprivation - I was prescribed a low dose anti-depressant which I take with some herbal sleep tablets. This works a treat most nights and even though I still wake every couple of hours I am able to get back to sleep which is a blessing.

    Don't feel that you have to post this father. I'm just speaking as one insomniac to another and telling you waha helped me.