01 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing (in breve)

It's like going on a drunken spending spree with all your credit cards, then giving the bills to your children and telling them that they have to live in poverty in order to pay for your partying.

Citizen journalism is not new. . .before the advent of Professional Journalism we managed to chronicle the human story of adventure and invention w/o too many problems.

Heh, I was wrong.  The NYT violates its pro-B.O. narrative and criticizes The Won for his sloppy response to the oil spill disaster. 

Ten of the dumbest (and false) things said about the new AZ anti-illegal immigrant law

Americans are smart enough to properly distinguish between legal and illegal immigration.  By large majorities we support the former not the latter. 

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  1. Father, forgive me for being off-topic, but you might be interested to know that May is Zombie Awareness Month according to my sources.

    God bless!