28 April 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Another courageous bishop ousts CCHD from his diocesan coffers.  Why they haven't all done this is beyond me.

Final Vatican approval for the new English translation of the Roman Missal has been given.  Now, we wait for a year or so for the bishops' conferences to publish it for general use.  Of course, the new missal will cause much garment rending and teeth gnashing among our Liturgical Betters.  Expect lots of "creative editing" from Fr. Hollywood.

Bizarre claim of the day by Aussie bishop:  priests who molested boys and teens didn't know that they were violating their vows.  OK.  Then why did they keep their molestation a secret?  Do I need to say how beyond stupid this is?

The destructive power of narcissism at work in politicians:  Charlie Crist to run as an independent in FL senate race.  Basically, Crist will lose the GOP nomination b/c he endorsed B.O. porkulus scheme.

A video on how seminarians are screened.  This piece focuses on psychological testing.  It's important to keep in mind that testing is not predictive; it is basically a way of detecting serious personality disorders.  Anyone who has survived a novitiate can tell you that testing does nothing to screen out everyday weirdnesses, ordinary and annoying social quirks.

Using pics of sacred persons to deter public urination. . .we need these in Rome!

Anti-Christian pagan Memorial Day celebration. . .note the carnival events. 

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  1. Re Aussie priests: So what was their understanding of the word 'chastity'?

  2. It is my understanding that DIOCESAN priests do not make vows as RELIGIOUS order priests do. They are still subject to the same commandments that we all are but no vows per se. Celibacy refers to a promise not to get married. Am I incorrect?

  3. I think those priests had taken too much legal advice and not enough spiritual advice. Suggest hitting them over the head with the Summa, then making them read it.

    I'm glad to see CCHD being called into account. I spend my own little monthly allowance loosely, but the money of the people of God I try to watch like a hawk. I hate, hate, hate^100 seeing that money wasted. People have been fast and loose in too many non-profit organizations (including faith bodies) for too long, and our accounting report to God makes it all the more imperative, IMHO, to make sure it gets done -=right=-.

  4. Anonymous12:05 AM

    The bishop quoted is the infamous retired auxiliary bishop of Sydney, who was given the cold shoulder here and abroad for writing a burningly dissident book on the Church and sexuality. It masquerades as an insider's look at the sexual abuse crisis, but is nothing more than a cheap cover for the sexual liberation agenda pushed by the bishop.

    To the fires.

    Anthony OPL