15 March 2010


Why no weekend posts?  I've been going through one of my bouts of  insomnia. Though this should produce more posts rather than fewer, not sleeping messes with my concentration--something I'm not good at even when rested.  I'm looking into locally available non-Rx remedies.  Name it, I've tried it.  

My summer plans sorta blew up Friday.  I learned that the friars at my house of assignment in Houston are renovating the old priory, so there will be no guest rooms available for the next year.  This blew a two month hole in my four month summer plans.  Options for guesting are limited in the province during the summer b/c our students from St Louis use what guest rooms we have available to do summer assignments.  I have a request into Blackfriars, Oxford.  Staying here is not an option b/c we are renovating the kitchen over the summer and there will be no meals.

French is still going fairly well.  The focus is on conversational French, so how much help this will be in my text translation exam is doubtful.  Hey, it gets me out of the priory three days a week.  Our teacher speaks only French in class, so our learning is more intuitive than mechanical.  This appeals to me precisely b/c I'm no good at mechanical memorization or anything that requires my poet's brain to process information in an orderly, analytical fashion.  What's weird is that I am able to organize and present material in an orderly, analytical fashion when I teach.  Maybe that's why teaching is so important for my intellectual work!

I've recently updated the WISH LIST.

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  1. Father, my pastor here in Austin usually takes his vacation in June. I'd be glad to suggest you as a fill-in for him.

  2. Patrick, I appreciate the suggestion!

    Unfortunately, I won't be arriving in the US until June 23rd...too late to do him much good.

    My open dates are mid-Aug thru mid-Oct.

    Mille grazie.