18 March 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

The once Grand Dame of American ecclesial communities, The Episcopal Church, continues its suicidal experimentation with the Zeitgeist.  TEC has always been something of a boutique religion, but now it is barely a sub-culture of a niche market.  Chris Johnson, Fisker of All Things Episcopagan, fisks.

What do you think of Catholic preaching?  Though I have never been a pastor (and probably never will be), my guess is that pastors often allow anxieties about negative congregational reactions and overreactions to dictate the content and tone of their homilies.  Over time, these anxieties grind the pastor down into a Hallmark Card preacher:  say little of substance, offend no one's delicate prejudices, be sweet.  
Fr. Tim Finigan has a round-up of reports on the recent court victory  in the U.K. for Catholic Care against the culture of death. 

Yet another reason to avoid Chicago-O'Hare when traveling.

Japanese game shows are notoriously weird

Will the MSM notice that another group of Catholic sisters/nuns oppose B.O.'s ScaryCare?

Fudging the numbers of women religious who support ScaryCare.  This is a typical Alinsky-style leftist tactic.

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  1. while I"m sure there are a lot of pastors who DO water things down over time...I'm fortunate that mine does not. matter of fact all this year starting with the day we studied on the Holy Family I walk away from each of his sermons thinking "wow--talking about Hell again...or he stepped on quite a few toes this week...or such" pretty impressive