17 March 2010

Update on Mama Becky (UPDATED)

Looks like Mama Becky will be discharged from the hospital today.  She is not cured, but she is recovering.

She reports that she will likely have to be on O2 24/7 in order to prevent her lung capacity from diminishing any further.  I suggested an O2 back-pack for work and Wal-Mart trips.

Her new nickname will be "Scuba Becky."

UPDATE:  no hospital discharge for mom today. . .

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  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    You're certainly not going to leave us in the dark by remaining silent about the CHA and the Catholic Nuns' public attempts to sabotage the Bishops' Conference's work against abortion in the health care reform proposals, are you?

  2. Father, I will keep your mother in my prayers. The modern oxygen cylinders are very portable, they are placed in a pull-along container and from people in have seen using them, they seem very managable. Your mum may be able to get someone to lift it into a trolley for her at Walmart.

    My own mother was on Oxygen and I know how very important it is for your mum's blood gasses to be monitored regularly.