03 October 2009

Translating Italian into American

Headline: Big protest in Rome to protest blah-blah-blah, or something. . .

Translation: four day weekend for Rome's unionized "workers" and traffic headaches for everyone else.

Explanation: protests in Rome are about as common as uneven cobblestones on the Via Nazionale and just as annoying.

But not nearly as annoying as the helicopters that buzz the Birthday Cake from 10am to 4pm during the protests.

I attended a "peoples' party" protest one time last year. The ubiquity of cell phones, designers fashions, and jewelry evident among the protesters tells you all you need to know about the just how allied these frauds are with The People.


  1. Only someone who's taken a vow of poverty would think that the People don't deserve nice cell phones, too!

  2. cake??? there was cake?????

  3. It's funny - you really don't understand the Italian lack of drive for... anything until you've experienced it firsthand.