02 October 2009

No Olympics for Chicago. . .

If you care about the Olympics--I don't--you will have likely heard that despite B.O.'s promotional tour, Chicago was eliminated in the first round picks.

Drudge links to the Trib with: "Obama + Michelle x Oprah = ZERO"

Too bad, really. Getting the jobs and revenue that the Olympics bring would be great. I guess that given the corruption and cronyism that rots Chicago, maybe the selection cmte decided to use their funds for the actual event rather than to line the pockets of Chi-town politicians.

Stay tune for B.O.'s apology. . .

UPDATE: reading around the news sites, it looks like the meme to explain this disappointment will be: Chicago has had too much negative press lately--beating death of that 16 y.o. kid, political scandal, etc. No one has accused the I.O.C. of racism yet. . .


  1. Ouch!

    That's gotta sting and it'll leave a mark.

  2. "Getting the jobs and revenue that the Olympics bring would be great."

    Actually, the Olympics is almost always terrible for the local economy! For example, Greece is about $10 billion in debt from the 2004 Oympics.

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Fr. P,

    As a Brazilian, if I told you some of the horror stories about corruption, violent crimes, etc, Chicago would be like Disneyland.

    As a matter of fact, Brazil has been lobbying for the Games for over a decade and if Chicago spent $50mil, I can only imagine what took the IOC to give 2016 to Rio, given that it had the most expensive budget from one of the poorest candidates.

    Honestly, Brazil cannot afford this extravagance, but it'll surely be a boom for the "grease" industry. :-P

    Our Lady of Aparecida, patroness of Brazil, pray for her.