27 September 2009

On the definition and proper use of the Cheesy Grin

I've been asked by MightyMom to define "cheesy grin."

Def., "a facial expression used to garner sympathy for a request when said request is known to be improper," or "a facial expression made by one who is shamelessly asking for a favor he/she knows is undeserved"


1). Your teenaged daughter is grounded for violating her weekend curfew. Despite your best efforts to show resolve in the face her pleadings, she notes some wavering and decides to bide her time. The next weekend, detecting your weakness, she asks with a Chessy Grin, "Can I go to the mall with Susie?"

2). Your spouse is upset with you for __________. In an attempt to end the deadly silence around this issue, you break out a Cheesy Grin and say, "Wow! How silly were we for arguing over __________?"

3). You are a poor grad student with a criminally small book budget. Needing several specialized yet easily obtainable books, you ask for help on your humble blog. With a Chessy Grin, you write: "Don't forget to browse the Wish List and send a book my way!"

4). Your boss is notoriously grouchy and miserly. You want off work on a Friday. Approaching him with a Cheesy Grin, you say, "Not much going on this Friday, uh boss?"

The key to the effectiveness of the Cheesy Grin is shamelessness.

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  1. "Cheesy Grin" I understand. But "Chessy Grin", which you used in the original post and repeat twice in this one, conjures up a different image entirely: say, a grin in which your teeth have been replaced by chess pieces.

  2. 5) As a highly placed political figure you want to get your constituents behind you, what better way to warm up to them than a photo op with a fake cheesy grin


  3. Now see, Will has hit the nail on its cheese covered head.

    Being that I am both a wife and a mother I am incredibly and intimately acquainted with the chEEsy grin.

    However, your cheSSy grin eludes me still. which is why I wondered if it resembled more of a queen...a knight...or a pawn. I mean, after all, which chess piece would have the most cheSSy grin???

  4. (rolls eyes)

    It's the Ricky Ricardo Edition of the Cheesy Grin!


  5. it canNOT be good when your Priest rolls his eyes at you!