21 April 2009

more Coffee Bowl Browsing. . .

Planned Parenthood: killing babies and abetting child rape since 1921 (video embedded)

Church of Global Warming extremists scaring kids into obedience

This would never happen to me. . .I barely fit in the in-flight outhouse

It worked! Doesn't matter. . .it's still wrong

Left-lib journalist calls The One's stand against charter schools a sin

A lesson in republican (not GOP) values

The (very) positive side of the long-awaited "biological solution"

Martyred on the gallows of Tolerant Leftist Harpies

Pultizer Prizes announced! One of my fav poets won: W.S. Merwin

The Myth/Reality of "green jobs". . .hint: H.U.G.E. failure in Spain

The nation's most liberal court upholds the Second Amendment

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