23 April 2009

The Crescat: Cannonball Blog Awards 2009

Truly, I am honored!

HancAquam has been nominated for recognition by the 2009 Cannonball Blog Awards, "a blog award not dominated by the usual suspects," in the category: "Best Blog by a Religious Who's Not Fr. Z."

These awards are meant to recognize "minor bloggers," those of us who don't get Mark Shea's and Fr. Z.'s level of traffic (e.g., HancAquam is averaging about 360 hits daily).

Head over and suggest a couple of more categories. . .my fav so far: "Best Bat Sh*t Crazy Blog"!

I'll keep you posted when voting starts. . .


  1. I don't get 360 hits a year! Where's my stinking award?

  2. Dim!

    That's a great category to suggest:

    "I Don't Even Get 300 Hits a Year! Where's My Stinking Award?"

  3. Fr Philip - it was I who nominated you (perhaps one of several, I'm not sure). Your blog rocks!

    My blog was nominated in a couple categories as well - swing by some time.


  4. You are in for a few categories, I see... way to go, Father! I'll be keeping watch for the voting for sure. :)!