21 April 2009

Chunky Monkeys Skunking Climate, or Al Gore Wants You on a Diet!

OK. . .the Church of Global Warming is getting even more hysterical since recent polls show that their alarmist propaganda isn't working on the American public.

Case in point: Fatties are causing global warming. Apparently, idiocy in the service of ideology has no shame.

H/T: Drudge


  1. Well, Al Gore ought to know...

  2. First it was cow farts, now this. What will be next?

  3. Templariidvm3:52 PM

    But if we exercise more, we are producing more CO2 per minute than we would otherwise! So do we sit in a darkened corner and just try not to breathe until we die????

    The level of nonsense is absolutely ridiculous!Someone needs to teach these people critical thinking.

  4. Scott W.8:25 AM

    Every now and then we get a peek behind the curtain of environmentalISM and catch a glimpse of the hatred of humanity in it.