18 April 2009

More Catholic stuff!

Here's some Good News! Orthodox Catholics are hopeful about the Church's future. "Progressive" Catholics are not. (This is not to be taken to mean that Progressive Catholics cannot also be Orthodox--they can.)

The Vatican fights back
. . .calls Belgian parliamentary condemnation of the Holy Father's statement on condom use "an attempt at intimidation."

Virgin Mary, Ark of the Covenant?

Mater et Magistra. . .Archbishop Charles Chaput on the Church as Mother and Teacher (link fixed)

Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, OP on "Reading Genesis with Cardinal Ratzinger"

The 1962 Sancta Missa with text and audio!

Traditional Catholic books from Sophia Institute Press: $2.00!

Jimmy Akin's Internet Question Box: answers to all your Catholic questions

The MP3 Library: Gregorian Chant

Catholic radio, TV, and podcasts at Catholic Tuner


  1. Flambeaux8:20 PM

    Father, the link for Chaput's Mater et Magistra duplicates the results of the Mary as Ark of the Covenant item.

    Just FYI.

  2. Anonymous6:39 PM

    I don't see an e-mail address, so I'm leaving a request here. If you have time (and I realize you might not), could you tackle "The American Heresy" article in Sunday April 19th Boston Globe. http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2009/04/19/the_american_heresy/

    I think James Carroll is misdescribing Catholic positions and history again.


  3. sniff sniff sniff......the Gregorian Chants aren't working....