17 February 2009

Recent arrivals

Grazie mille! Mille grazie!

Recent book arrivals from the WISH LIST:

Metaphysics and the Idea of God

Aquinas: God & Action

Finite and Eternal Being

Science and the Spiritual Quest

"Work on Oneself": Wittgenstein's Philosophical Psychology

God? A Philosophical Preface to Faith

Vatican II: Renewal within the Tradition

Foundations of Modern Science in the Middle Ages

Thank You notes go out tomorrow to all for whom I have a return address!


  1. We are happy to see so many people have contributed to your book drive. That's wonderful. Thank you, too, for your personal note from Rome. We spent 5 minutes before opening it trying to guess who it was from - The kids were quite intrigued!

  2. MaryH,

    Did they think it was from the Pope?! :-)

    His stationery is much better than mine, I imagine.

    Thanks again for your help in contributing to my philosophy library. I itched the whole time during my US trip to get into the storage unit in TX and browse my stored books. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until July.

  3. God Bless you in your studies.
    I was not as attentive to the details as Mary H and almost mistook your note as a daily "beg" from one of the 1,000 of religious mailing lists we are on.
    You weren't kidding when you said mail was slow, were you?

  4. Opey,

    No, I'm not kidding at all...what's worse is that customs is so random...sometimes three or four books will arrive in a span of a few days and customs will charge about 7 Euro each...then several will arrive and no charge...weird.

  5. That is weird. By the time you figure it out you will probably be through with your studies though.