15 February 2009

Priests on American military bases in E.U.?

Request for info:

Anyone out there know anything about American military bases in Europe needing English-speaking priests?

I have a couple of months that I may be able to spend this summer serving as chaplain if the particulars (transport, housing, compensation, etc.) are right.

Let me know.


  1. You might try asking some of the guys in the NAC. When I was studying in Rome, I know that some of the seminarians in the NAC used to help out at a US Navy base near Naples.

  2. Dennis12:50 PM

    I'd expect the Military Archdiocese will know

  3. The suggestion Dennis gives is an excellent one. The Mil. Arch. is a cause dear to my heart and they would probably love your help in some way.

  4. If he's available to answer, this is the blog of a Chaplain currently deployed. He can probably steer you in the right direction...
    his email is in his sidebar


  5. I have a personal history with and I sooooo love and admire and thank the men and women in our military, and shout a most enthusiastic "Praise God!" that you are moved in such a way, Fr. Philip. You in particular. I just know that you and they have so much for each other, and it doesn't matter where or what branch or who. I am praying with great hope and a big smile that it can work out that you will have time together. In Jesus' Name, amen.