21 February 2009

Question for book benefactors

A question to my book benefactors. . .

Someone (or someones) recently purchased about six books from my Wish List. . .mostly the books on Eastern Orthodox prayer and spirituality.

My question: were these shipped to Rome or Texas? I'm asking b/c if they were shipped to Texas, I will need to find other sources for my prayer book since I won't be back in Texas 'til July. This doesn't mean the books won't be used. . .I have a second book brewing in my Monkey Mind that will make good use of these gifts!

Leave comments, please. . .I won't publish them.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Father:

    I didn't buy any books -- I'm too impoverished to buy anything capital-intensive at the moment -- but may I ask:

    What is a Monkey Mind?

    I ask because I suspect that I might have such a mind. I recall you using the term of yourself in an earlier post, and then saying to myself, "That sounds how my mind seems to work."

    Your reply might work better as a separate post, so don't rush.