09 January 2009

Madness on a canvass

I love watching this kind of thing...it really appeals to my creative side. Maybe I should spend some time this summer learning to paint. . .hmmmmm. . .anyway, watch this guy transform his painting over and over. . .from a very dynamic flow to a highly structured grid back to the flow and then: VIOLA!


  1. interesting I guess but not my artistic cup of tea. I'm not an impressionist. More a realist ala Georgia O'Keeffe :-) But my only outlet for such things is with fabric. I can't draw at all.

  2. Viola? Isn't that a kind of violin?

    Did you mean voila? :)

  3. That's A LOT of paint. Expensive!

  4. Tony,

    Yes, you're right...it was meant to be funny...you know, someone dramatically removing the veil from over a painting and yelling VIO-LA!

    Oh well...sometimes my humor is just strange.

  5. adrienne,

    maybe that's why he has it watered down so much...did you notice how badly it dripped??

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    This is about as far from art as I can imagine... its an interesting experiential stimulation of the senses, but what of content? It seems it is a sort of artistic masturbation, where technique, form, method, and content are completely disengaged from the point of art which is revelation of Truth with a delight of the senses.