05 January 2009

Do you know a publisher?

I have an idea rattling around in my head. . .

I'm working on several litanies and novenas that pick up traditional themes that are often ignored in prayers books and books of litanies and devotions.

I wonder if there would be any interest out there in a book length collection of these litanies and devotions. . .?

Anyone reading this know someone in the Catholic publishing world who might be interested?


  1. My mom is published through the Daughters of St. Paul in Boston. They were very good to work with, as was Ave Maria press. Ave Maria was her first publisher.

  2. Pauline Books and Media would be my first choice. Go here http://www.daughtersofstpaul.com/pbm/editorial/editorialguidelines.html for submission guidelines.

  3. The Catholic Writers Guild is about to have their free online conference. They will show you how to prepare a pitch to give to the Catholic publishers who are participating.


  4. Interested but connection-less regarding publishing

  5. Believe it not LTP might be a good place to start.

  6. Father:

    You really don't need "connections" in Catholic publishing. Every publisher is very small, and always looking for new authors. Our Sunday Visitor, Ignatius, Daughters of St. Paul, Ave Maria, and Loyola would be good places to start.

    Also don't cross of traditionally "liberal" Catholic publishers like Paulist or St. Anthony Messenger Press from your list - they are all feeling the direction that the wind is blowing and are publishing more "traditional" stuff.

    If you want some names for direct email, just email me. You should also be able to find them at the Catholic Publishers' Association site - they have membership lists, I think, which include publishers. (Ignatius does not belong I don't think, but Mark Brumley would be the person to contact there, obviously.)

  7. joanne2:57 PM

    Fr P, would your book open the meaning and history of the titles given to our Blessed Mother in The Litany of Loreto, for ex.? THAT would be cool. And appreciated.
    I know a new and still small Catholic publisher who would appreciate hearing from you. They have Dominican roots.

  8. joanne3:25 PM

    This marks the second time today I asked you a question and found the answer shortly after. Mary's Litany titles are explained at http://www.intermirifica.org/Mary/marylitany.htm

    For those who have wondered about "Tower of David", "Tower of Ivory", etc. this may be a particularly satisfying site.

  9. I wonder...would the book has a price, or would the buyer simply be required to send you something off of your wishlist in exchange? Just an idea...

  10. Joanne,

    Right now I have about fifteen different litanies/novenas planned based on various themes. I will certainly look at the Loretto litany!


    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. As for the book exchange...well, I dunno...if anything I write gets published by a regular press, I suppose they would control distribution...but that doesn't mean I can't keep a box or two of my own books at home!


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  12. I love litanies. Great idea! Please include the Litany of the Precious Blood, and also Litany of Our Lord Jesus Christ Priest and Victim, Litany of the Passion


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