07 January 2009

It's cold....

Another leftist Nanny Fad bites the dust. . .ermmm. . .I mean, snow.

Anyone out there got a petition to have the old fraud's Nobel Prize revoked?

source: newsbusters.org (if you aren't reading this site regularly, it's likely you have been replaced by a Old Media pod twin. Get your DNA checked. If you have the dreaded MSNBC mutation or the NYT strain, Dr. Ann Coulter has the perfect medicine.)


  1. Well, to his credit he still has the distinction of having invented the internet.

  2. not for nuthin' and bless your heart......

    but your necked Jesus painting up there just AIN'T doin it for me.

  3. Mom,

    I think we may need to talk about your obsession with the Nekkid Jesus.

  4. Throw a couple "Earth In The Balance" books on that fire while we're at it.

  5. Anonymous10:08 PM

    shut your pie hole regarding politics


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Climate alarmism is just one more faddish blip pushed an elitist cadre of mind-control freaks who use the threat of a secular "future disaster" to re-create a pagan religion...The Church of Global Warming, with ArchDruid Al Gore at its head.

    This religion has produced a sacred literature (like the bible and the Fathers); a pseudo science (like Christianity's heliocentrism); a public liturgy--the Holy March of Eco-Righteousness Before the Cameras; a priesthood--fringe scientists and Barbie Doll media-bots all deluded by the CGW; a lay faithful--otherwise normal people who have been tempted by the trendy Holy Spirit of Greenism.

    They have an apocalyptic worldview similar to Protestant fundamentalism; a vision of heaven on Earth where the great god, Recycletron, reigns supreme; a evil god, Exxontan, who tempts their followers to commit carbon-sins; and let's not forget an oppressive, tax-based, government controlled, zombie producing social agenda that would make Mao cringe in its leftist revolutionary scope.

    Now that the hooey about the Artic glaciers melting has been proven false, maybe some of these folks can be deprogrammed.

  8. eh, I just prefer pics of Him with clothes on.

    jeans and boots and a 20X white hat would do nicely....but let's at least give him a loincloth!!

    (no disrespect intended here)

  9. the good news is that you can tell I've spent a lot of time on your blog to have studied the painting.....

  10. Marc,

    Ah, more sweet tolerance of difference for the liberal fascist left...

    Thanks for the suggestion...but after careful consideration while I clipped my toenails this morning, I've decided to continue to exercise my God given right to express myself as an American citizen. If you, The One, and the other eco-zombies don't like it...well, you can always try to amend the Constitution.

  11. Father, ssshhh!!

    don't give em ideas!