08 December 2008

When Idiots Do Theology

The Los Angeles Times, on its way to a financial bankruptcy to match its ethical bankruptcy, takes multiple potshots at the Church on its way (further) down. . .

And Newsweek, that bastion of biblical brainpower and unbiased Babel's Tower of integrity and grit, shows us how 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian scholarship is wrong and that the bible actually supports same-sex "marriage."

As I wrote to the Catholic friend who sent me the link: "The question I would love to ask the writer is: if your thesis is true, why in 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian religious history has there never been a single instance of a same-sex 'marriage' being celebrated as exemplary for Christians and Jews? You would think that if scripture is pressing the point that love and fidelity are more important that the sex of the couple, then one very powerful way of showing this would be to give us an example of a loving, faithful same-sex marriage. Yet, none exist. And we must be careful not to confuse same-sex friendships (Jonathan and David) with sexually active, religiously recognized, sacramental marriages celebrated in the Bible."

I believe it is Mark Shea who sensibly warns Catholics to run and hide any time the media purports to wade into religious discussions and provide "perspective."



    Tis better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

  2. When the news speaks of religion, deduct 25 IQ points. When they talk about Catholicism, deduct and additional 75.

  3. Rather than run and hide in fear, I'd recommend Catholics step back and watch, as one might do a train wreck or the implosion of an old, worn-out building...

  4. ancient Rome didn't have gay marriage

    Ancient Greece, despite many pedophiles, didn't have gay marriage.

    Ancient China didn't have gay marriage.

    Muslims don't have gay marriage.

    Gay marriage is unknown in African countries.

    Hinduism, despite their "transvestite" class doesn't have gay marriage.

    Why pick on Catholics?

  5. Boinky,

    Because the Church must suffer persecution as Christ did...think it's bad now? As Jesus said last week, "Watch."