08 December 2008

Back in Black (and White)!

I'm back! Had a rough weeks, but all is well. . .as usual. . .

Among four or five other smaller issues that popped up over the week, I found out that, contrary to initial reports, I will need the Ph.D. in philosophy BEFORE I can start teaching in Rome. My initial understanding was that I would complete the Ph.L. in philosophy and begin teaching as a regular faculty member, teaching in the undergrad core. The Ph.D. I hold already would serve as the fulfillment of the "canonical" pre-requisite for teaching on a pontifical faculty (along with the license, a pontifical degree). However, because the Vatican has recently signed on to the Bologna Accords, univeristry accreditation in the E.U. has become almost as restrictively categorical as it is in the States.

I have been assured that I can teach as an assitant to a professor in the department while I write the dissertation. Since there was never any instructions from my province to take the Ph.D. and since I have a Ph.D. already and since I have been a university teacher for 22 years, the prospect of serving (once again!) as a teaching assistant at 45 years old is not all that attractive.

Am I being prideful? Yup. Still working on it. . .

Now, if I have to write a doctoral dissertation in addition to the license thesis, you all know what this means, right? Exactly! Time to visit the WISH LIST! It's amazing what one little book will do to help a weepy Dominican dry his prideful tears. . .hehehe. . .not to mention help him with those ever-elusive secondary sources.

One a less whiny/shameless note. . .I concelebrated Mass yesterday (along with about 100 other priests) at the North American College with John Cardinal Foley! The NAC celebrated its patronal feast, the Immaculate Conception, and its 150th birthday. Had a great time with the seminarians, with some Texas friends, and of course, the food was great.


  1. so what does that do to your summer plans??

    and where are you?

  2. Mom, as far as I know...my summer plans are still more or less the same...I have to be in St Louis at the end of June. And I don't have to be back here until the middle of October.

    What do you mean "where are you?"?

    I'm in Rome.

  3. *big sigh*

    So can you spin the current out into a new dissertation?

  4. TCP, that's the plan. The license thesis will be more or less the medieval portion of the dissertation. Fortunately, in the Roman system, the doctorate is only the dissertation and no additional courses.

  5. Anonymous2:07 PM


    A random question for you. I recall (and it brings a chuckle every time) you referencing "Sr. Moonbat" before.

    I think I get your point. My question is what are we to make of something like the following, which my parish is hosting in a few weeks. Would this fall under the Sr. Moonbat category?


    A Young Adult Retreat Evening focusing on our whole person as God’s gift. This retreat will have a special emphasis on positive ways to focus the mind with visualization and meditation practice, increase the energy of your body with breath awareness and several simple T’ai Chi movements and deepen the spirit within you as you engage in a relational prayer experience. Light refreshments will be served.

  6. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Hey Father Phillip,

    I sent an email note several weeks ago (I don't really know how many) but between your probably full in box and study etc. you haven't responded. Given this turn of events with more books needed and the recent 'difficulties', I have a possible help to your books AND a dinner!

    I am bringing my Goddaughter to Rome and Florence in March. I have been to Rome many times so am NOT looking for a tour guide BUT I can bring books in my luggage and well if I happen to forget them near where you live - well stuff happens! We can also take you out to dinner.

    I don't know what you'll need by then - maybe it will be too late.

    If this looks like help - let me know and I can send you a more private email.

    God Bless Father and know that you are in my prayers.

  7. Patrick,

    Yup. Moonbat Alert! Moonbat Alert!

    Why not silent Stations of the Cross with prostrations? That's quiet; it's simple movement; and it's CHRISTIAN!

  8. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Thanks Father.

    Two follow-up questions, if you have a chance:

    1) What specifically about Sr. Moonbat's presentation is the most dangerous? What is the root of the issue?

    2) Why does stuff like this go on?


  9. Bologna Accords?

    ah, to lead instead of follow...

  10. Patrick asks:

    1) What specifically about Sr. Moonbat's presentation is the most dangerous? What is the root of the issue?

    The root of the issue is the sin of the garden...to be god without God. Most of this junk is an attempt to move us away from the Father Who created us toward something else...it seems, towards anything else! I would have to write a series of books to explain the radical feminist movement, how it wormed its way in women's religious life, etc. Try the book, "Unholy Rage." Not a perfect account of what happened, but eye-opening nonetheless.

    2) Why does stuff like this go on?

    Simply put: we are sinful people. Paul says that we run after attractive philosophies and wisdoms of man b/c we have itchy ears. We love novelty and believe that novelty will bring us the rest out restless hearts desire. Novelty, by itself, can't do this, of course, but we try anyway.