11 December 2008

Oh, but they do carry pom-poms...

In the Jesuit tradition

Diogenes from Catholic Culture

The newly elected US Congressman:

* was once a former Jesuit novice, before realizing that his calling was to marriage and a secular career.

* remains an active Catholic layman-- in fact, served a term on the National Advisory Council to the US bishops' conference.

* won a special-election victory over an incumbent who is facing bribery charges.

* is the son of immigrants, whose father spent years in a Communist prison camp.

* has worked primarily as an attorney for immigrants.
* is solidly pro-life.

So why isn't Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao a poster boy for Catholic activism? Why isn't be being asked to speak on the campus of every Jesuit university in the country? Why aren't editors of America magazine shaking their pom-poms?

And please don't tell me that America editors don't carry pom-poms.

This guy cracks me up every time!


  1. did you see the new article about ancient lymph flowing through your abundant roots? whoa. I think the Pope needs a new translator!

    My husband offered (threatened) to bring pompoms to the delivery room when our first was born...he settled on just chanting "push him out! push him out! waaaaaaaaay out!"
    I kid you not.

    (it's a good thing I love him so)

  2. Whether they carry pom-poms or not, this happened on Saturday, America had already gone to press for this week.

    I don't think the Holy Spirit gives even the Jesuits a heads-up before the news happens....

  3. Michelle,

    No one will ever mistake me for a fan of America. And though I tease the Jebbies a lot...I admire them greatly. My laugh at this piece come with the closing line...I think it's hilarious.

    I wonder though if America has even mentioned Cao. He's been running for office for some time now.

  4. Fr. Phillip,

    I seem to remember reading an article on Cao somewhere recently, thought it might have been America (but I read a lot across a wide range left to right). I'd check their archives, but America's site is down at the moment and I've procrastinated grading enough tonight or I'd look through my stack of recently read stuff.

    I get the teasing. I have a Jesuit spiritual director, but pray the Hours daily with an Augustinian community (for 20 years now), and therefore come in for my share of teasing from members of both orders! (There was the time one Augustinian demanded a note when I missed prayers to go see my director. I returned with the note, on Jesuit community letterhead, signed by my director with every degree he had - all 5 of them.)

  5. All 5, uh?! Are you sure he's not a closet Dominican?

  6. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Given your own struggles, should you really be laughing about pom-poms? Let's not be a hypocrite, Philip, OP!

  7. Anon,

    I am deeply offended by your cowardly accusations! I'm quite proud of my pom-pom waving skills...surpassed perhaps only by my baton twirling and flag waving skills.

    Struggles! HA!