29 November 2007

FREE Indulgences (. . .sorta. . .)

Click HERE to receive a partial indulgence! You

must also say a decade of the rosary, go to

confession, buy me a book, and pray for the Holy Father's intentions. . .(whistling....)

HEY! We Dominicans used to get away with it all

the time. . .(sulking). . .I hate modernity. . .

(sulking. . . .)


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    "When on Amazon you buy,
    a soul from purgatory doth fly!"

  2. Is that a picture of you???? You've never looked better!

  3. Do I have to go to confession before or after I send you the book?? Important since it's 90 minute drive for me...

    And you can get indulgences online without buying a book here

  4. Michelle,

    Go to confession anytime you like! And yes, you can get indulgences on-line w/o buying a book; however, you can't DOMINICAN indulgences that way...(ahem)...


    No, not me...my hair was lily white at that age...

    Fr. Philip, OP

  5. Anonymous6:03 PM


    You can take these 2 off the list, sorry for the "delay"
    I was a lil crunch this last month.

  6. MM,

    Hey, no worries...you're a good kid! And you know, of course, that as a former student of mine you automatically receive "Mass request privileges" even w/o buying a book?

    Cheers...Fr. Philip, OP