06 January 2015

Mendicant Thanks

A Mendicant New Year Thank You Shout Out to:  Michelle R and Matheus T for hitting up the BLICK Wish List and sending me some acrylic goodies. 

And another thanks to M.R. for pointing me toward Blick's as a cheaper source of art supplies.

I'm experimenting with acrylic inks right now, and I hope to have pics of three new paintings up by tomorrow morning!

God bless, Fr. Philip, OP


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  1. I tried to tell ya, Dick Blick rules! And the rhyming name bonus helps too. "That's Richard Blick to you."

    1. I have Amazon Prime, so there's no shipping charge. If Blick's is having a sale, then their stuff is cheaper overall.

    2. Oh, and the Blick's website is very difficult to navigate.

    3. It isn't for browsing, that's for sure, you have to know exactly what you want and what it is called.