07 December 2014

(Place Holder for Homily Audio) UPDATED

UPDATE: Got to the pulpit, turned on the recorder, it flashed "Batt Low" once and then died. It was fine this morning.

I'll be preaching w/o a text at OLR this evening. I'm too distracted/busy/exhausted to write with any kind of enthusiasm or authenticity.

Faculty evals to write; seminarian evals to write; three sets of homilies to grade; a CCC final exam to grade; final grades to calculate, 24 paintings to pack and ship, etc., ad. nau.

I could recycle an old homily, but that's a lazy dodge. . .one I've used too often lately.

I've put my recorder in my habit breast pocket so that it's not forgotten.

Watch this post for a link to the audio.

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