07 December 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

The UVA gang-rape hoax and the goals of "Narrative Journalism."  This is how our universities are teaching your kids to think.

UVA Prez collectively punished all fraternities based on nothing more than the ideological fantasies of a Lefty with a By-line. 

3 Things about Senator Mary from Louisiana. . .actually, there should be 4 things: she'll be job-hunting Monday morning.

Yup, Mary's out of a job. She'll get a plush lobbyist job, so don't worry about her. My parish (county) Orleans voted for her 85%.

Crucifix stolen during Mass. . .

D.C. repeals religious schools' exemption from sexual orientation law. . .

Document on the visitation of American religious women to be released on Dec. 16th. It will be a white-wash, I'm sure. (NB. this is not the CDF investigation of the LCWR)

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