18 September 2014

Vocation Evangelization Project

A Facebook friend brought this project to my attention:

Vocation Evangelization Project 

For five years, Vocation Boom has been building a culture of vocations, clearing a path for men to hear God’s voice and encouraging men both young and not-so-young to consider the priesthood as their calling. We began in September 2009 with our award-winning website. Then, with the help of EWTN, we took our message to the radio airwaves, and, just recently, to your television. You've seen our vocation memes and valuable, informative social media content. We've had tons of young men turn to us for vocational advice. Sharing our vital message with a general audience these last five years has been fruitful beyond our expectations. But now we're ready for the next steps. 

Read the rest and contribute what you can!


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