17 September 2014

Everyone knew there was danger. . .

Sci-fi novelist, Sarah Hoyt, has a great post up in response to Roger Cohen's NYT piece, The Great Unraveling.

Her post is titled, The Great Re-weaving.  

An excerpt:  

It was a time of transparency. Real transparency, quite unlike the foolish promises of previous politicians blinded by their narcissism, and nothing like the rotten assurances of the decrepit Gray Lady who had, in her time, turned a blind eye to the Holocaust and hidden the horrors of Holodomor, the depravity of the Gulags to praise collectivist systems that devoured people and dreams and spit out nothing but misery and dehumanization and a boot stepping on a human face forever. 

Now, suddenly, they couldn’t make their picked man, their chosen one into the harbinger of that great collectivist future. They couldn’t snigger behind their hands at the unwashed people who’d never know of his faux pas. Oh, they did what they could, that guard of journalistic castrati protecting the corpse of a corrupt and bloated bureaucracy. But enough slipped through the cracks that most people knew something was wrong: the Summer of Recovery that resided in some unspecified future conditional; the idea that his face would appease Islam’s irate warriors was undone by the beheadings the Jihadists insisted on posting on Youtube; the way the Light Bringer seemed to be in the dark when bereft of a teleprompter.

And she quotes Kipling. . .Excellent read!

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