20 April 2014

Why didn't you distribute communion, Father?

I hope you were able to watch the 8.00am Easter Mass from St Dominic's this morning. . .

A couple of HA readers have written to ask why I chose to sit down during communion rather than distribute the hosts as usual. . .

It was not a liturgical gesture or any sort of statement.

Simply put, my knee was hurting, and I didn't think I could stand that long. 

Ever since my knee went wild on me two months ago -- putting me face down on a short flight of stairs -- I've been nervous about distributing communion. I can just see my knee going out again and the hosts flying across the few first pews!


So, no worries about me going soft on the rubrics. . .just going soft in the knees. Harharhar. . .

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  1. Kinda what I thought, though I'm still going to give you a hard time about it. :-)

    1. Go ahead. I'll offer up my suffering for the Poor Soul in Purgatory. . .sigh.

  2. Fr. P,

    In your line of work weekends are pretty busy, but the Easter Triduum is the busiest weekend of the year.

    Our beloved prior begged one of his confreres to stand for him distributing the Holy Communion because after solemn vigil vespers, late vigil Mass, fraternizing with the people of God afterwards till 2:00AM, solemn lauds and Eucharistic Procession at 7:00AM, he was a little exhausted at the end of the late morning Mass and needed to sit down.

    All I can say is a prayer and a humongous "thank you" for being such true, dedicated and loving shepherds of God's flock!

    Christ is risen!

  3. Prayers for you and your knee. Be blessed. Btw have you seen a doctor?

    1. Oh yes! Arthritis. And old and fat.