19 April 2014

What do you and Pontius Pilate have in common?

Because he's just like us: postmodernist wienies

Pilate is not bloodthirsty.  Nor is he indifferent to justice.  If given the choice, he would prefer that the innocent not die, but neither truth nor justice are his highest priorities.  He is more concerned with keeping the peace and keeping his job.  Pilate fears the passions of the crowd and the opinions of his superiors.  He is a canny enough politician to know that it is best to stay the middle course.

This is an apt description of many of us: pastors, bishops, religious superiors, school principals, professors, just plain ole ordinary Catholics. . .

Easter is all about NOT being Pilate. 

Hmmmm. . .I feel an Easter homily theme coming on!

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  1. Great article, but reading the comments on it was a rather unpleasant experience... Happy Easter Fr. And evwrybody here!