13 April 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

Younger priests prefer older Mass. . .well, if NDS is any indication, they prefer a reverent Mass w/o the clerical-egocentric goofiness of the 80's. 

Another instance of the Pope being All Catholic and Stuff. This time he's on the Devil! 

Crdl. Dolan learns the value of a politician's word. Zero. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

10 essays about death. . .

Noah takes a dive; God is Not Dead takes wing. . .

Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse. . .Five Best/Worst States. Thankfully, I'm an honorary citizen of the Republic of Texas.

Here's what the push for same-sex "marriage" is really about: the destruction of the family and the growth of gov't power.  Totalitarianism must always destroy the faith and the family. No competition allowed.

Why is B.O.'s press secretary's home decorated with Soviet propaganda?  Yeah, I know. . .rhetorical question.

Americans, look to Sweden for our future. . .we're on Supreme Court ruling away from it happening here.


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  1. I agree with Fr Simon that civil marriage is an interference if the state in church matters. Why should we uphold an institution created at the French Revolution, when the state, in its ultimate goal to achieve total control of the nation, replaced the church and took over its functions in a diabolical parody?

  2. It's amazing how the pope turns out to be Catholic, like, 24/7, isn't it? And how he actually does sound just like his predecessors? It's like a conspiracy or something. No matter how much the liberal left would like him to be just a happy-clappy good guy, he keeps saying stuff that proves he's really one o' them evil mackerel-snappers.