01 April 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing (Conspiracy Edition)

Why is the V.A. hiding the names of hospitals where delays caused the deaths of our veterans? It's almost as if they're afraid we'll discover that gov't health care is incompetent.

Why is this sheriff's office hiding a search warrant? It's almost as if they searched the wrong house.

Why is a gun-running, pro-gun control CA state senator not making headlines in the MSM? It's almost as if. . .because. . .Democrat. Oh.

Why have the Dominicans taken over The Jesuit Post? Because. . .Jesuits. Oh.

Why have the Jesuits taken over Dominicana? Because. . .Jesuits. Oh.
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  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    This was my favorite, from Which are superior, Dominicans or Jesuits:
    I answer that, it is not fitting for individual disciples to argue about who is greatest, because it makes Our Lord facepalm (see Lk 9:46–48), but a way of life may be said to be more or less great insofar as it minimizes occasions for such facepalms through penance and apostolic charity. Now both the Dominicans and the Jesuits engage in the apostolic life with charity for God and neighbor, but the Dominican life is lived with more penance because it is lived with other Dominicans. Therefore, strictly speaking, the Order of Preachers is greater than the Society of Jesus.

  2. ...... Some people just love April fool's Day tooooo much.............. jus sayin'