08 December 2013

Vocations soaring in faithful dioceses and orders

Why are vocations to the priesthood soaring in some dioceses and religious orders?

It's NOT b/c those dioceses and orders are worshiping in the Temple of the Zeitgeist, or worse, polluting the faith with hokey New Age drivel.

It's NOT b/c those bishops and superiors have decided to make the ministerial priesthood invisible by discouraging clerical garb and habits.

It's NOT b/c those bishops and superiors have latched on to bogus theologies and ideologies designed to undermine the uniqueness of the faith.

It's NOT b/c psychotherapy and PC jargon have replaced virtue and religious formation.


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  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Warning, links to a video that immediately starts playing. Don't click while other people in the room are watching a crucial play in a football game : )