09 December 2013

Recommended Books for Catholics

The second most often asked question to a Dominican friar -- the first being: how do you keep that white habit clean?! -- is: "Friar, can you recommend a good book on ___________?"

I usually have at least one book in mind for most occasions.

This morning I ran across an excellent list of recommended books on all things theological, philosophical, cultural, and scientific!

Check it out:  Recommended Books for Catholics

The science section doesn't include any recommendations from John Polkinghorne, my Ph.L. thesis topic. So, check him out too.

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  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    These bibliographies are always helpful for us to know about new resources, but it should be noted that the Morality section includes Christopher West, whose material became notorious for its rather problematic nature.

  2. this is a good list too

  3. Puri Tan3:26 AM

    How do you keep it clean?

    1. Puri, 13 yrs of practice! Seriously though, it gets stained constantly, so frequent washing is necessary.

    2. Puri Tan8:45 AM

      Along with frequent confession I hope.