26 October 2013


Blogging's been light this week, I know.

Several seminary-related duties converged simultaneously this week: individual preaching tutorials; formation advisee meetings; homilist at NDS Mass; helping out at St Dominic's. . .

AND I choose this week to get a cold. Over it now.

Today is more or less a Free Day: run to WalMart; lunch with fra. David (if he's awake before noon!); and the rest of the day reading: got some nifty books in the mail yesterday and Friday. Thank God for kind and generous Book Benefactors. . .who are always on my personal intention prayer list, btw.  :-)

Speaking of books. . .I'd like to hear what HA Readers think of Amazon Prime and Amazon VISA.

Are they worth the price of admission? 
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  1. I figure I make back my Prime membership in about the first 3 months - but then I live in a small town and order stuff occasionally that one would normally buy at a mall (with free shipping, it's better than the 45 minute drive).

  2. Gregg the Obscure10:35 AM

    Amazon Prime is definitely worth the price for me. I've had it for about five years or so. I don't consume nearly as many books as you do, but as a householder there are plenty of other things that are very handy.

    I don't do their visa card as my other visa cards have been satisfactory.