21 October 2013

Catholic Priesthood ca. 1964 (ft. Dominicans!)

One of my preaching students at NDS brought this vid to my attention. . .

1964! Ah, a good year. . .

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  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I enjoyed that video. It brought back many happy memories of growth (spiritual and academic) from my time as an undergrad at Providence College. People are always amazed when I tell them that we were blessed to have the friars live amongst us as our hall directors or just residents of our dorms.

    In particular the video showed many of the chapels around Providence College that were still in use in the 1980s, including the chapel in Guzman Hall (which was part of male dorm) as well as Aquinas Chapel (which was of female dorm), and St. Pius V Church (which is the neighborhood church staffed by Dominican across the street from PC).

    I’m not sure that Guzman Chapel is still open on a regular basis (which is sad because it was so, so beautiful, even though it was small) and Aquinas Chapel is now the Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies. The focus of college’s worship spaces is St. Dominic Chapel, which opened in 2010 (and where my wife and I were married in 2010). #GoFriars #PC89