18 September 2013

Culture, Thomism, Preaching. . .THANKS!

Mendicant Thanks to Dr. A.O. for sending me Tracey Rowland's Culture and the Thomist Tradition: After Vatican Two

I highly recommend this book to seminarians, deacons, priests, bishops, even Popes! To anyone who's interested in a fresh take on the aftermath of Vatican Two.  Rowland's central claim is that the Council Fathers did not have a philosophically-theologically workable understanding of culture when they delved into their common Thomist tradition to write Gaudium et spes, thus leaving one of the key interpretative documents of the Council open to radically modernist readings. She attempts to provide the Church with a theology of culture within the Thomist tradition. . .though not a tradition that many of us are familiar with!

My research library for next semester's advanced preaching seminar is coming along nicely!

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