26 August 2013

Participation in the Apostolic Witness

A reminder to all the Preaching Clergy in the Church out there from the U.S. bishops:
Preaching is nothing less than a participation in the dynamic power of the apostolic witness to the very Word that created the world, the Word that was given to the prophets and teachers of Israel, and the Word that became flesh.

This amazing bit of homiletic theology comes from the bishops' new document on preaching, Preaching the Mystery of Faith.

We discussed it briefly in my homiletics class this morning.  

Preaching is not about the Cult of the Preacher. . .or about Father's personal agenda. . .or about saying as little as possible in order to avoid offending the Big Donors. . .or a report on Father's latest visit to the shrink. . .or a platform for spouting New Age nonsense and heresy.
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