30 August 2013

Blackfriar Films!

Check out Blackfriar Films!

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  1. I would hope they would try the haggis. Properly prepared, it is delicious (and I am no fan of liver). The best I had was served as an appetizer in a B&B's restaurant in Ballater, Aberdeenshire (The Auld Kirk). It consisted of a small ramekin filled with haggis, topped with shredded Cheddar cheese and then a splash of malt whisky, the ramekin then being placed under a broiler (or salamander) until the dish is warm and the cheese melted. Positively scrumptious.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  2. Do you know why they changed their name ? I love their dvds, i have 4 so far....

  3. The blackfriar films used to be called kindlylight media.