12 June 2013

No, the Pope didn't say that. . .

Figures. . .

In response to media flurry, the Latin American Confederation of Men and Women Religious (CLAR) released a statement on June 11 claiming that the assertion of a gay lobby at the Vatican “cannot be attributed with certainty to the Holy Father.”

[. . .]

The same source claims that the Pope also said that “the reform of the Roman curia is something that almost all of us cardinals requested during the congregations previous to the conclave. I also did. I cannot personally make that reform, with these managerial issues... I am too unorganized; I have never been good at that. But the Cardinals of the committee will carry it out.”

[. . .]

Regarding the decision of “Reflexión y liberación” [a leftist Chilean paper] to publish the story, CLAR says that “in fact, no authorization was requested.” 

“It is clear that, based on these facts, it cannot be attributed with certainty to the Holy Father, the specific expression contained in the text, but only in its general sense.”

[. . .]

Which means everything else reported about the conversation is probably false too. 

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  1. I just do not trust these quotes. As it's been clarified, these are probably notes, not quotes, when one writes down what one thought one heard. Besides, given the venue that disclosed these notes, their accuracy is highly questionable.

  2. LudiDomestici1:48 PM

    Da-Nile ain't jest a river.


    1. I don't deny that there is a "gay lobby" in the Vatican. The "Lavender Mafia" is a well-known ecclesial entity. I don't even deny that the Pope said this. What I deny is that we KNOW that he said it. . .and all those other things that you were crowing about.