18 May 2013

Update for Next Week

No blogging this next week. . .

Our provincial assembly starts in St Louis on Monday, May 20th and runs through Thursday, May 23rd. 

I'll be back in time for the 7.00am Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary on Friday the 24th.

Look for a big announcement on May 23rd.  Mum's the word for now.  Ssshhhhhh. . .

Wedding on the 25th.

And my 49th birthday on Sunday the 26th.  Oy.  I've asked for a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. . .of course.

Happy feast day to St. Philip Neri!

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  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    "Mum's the word for now"...? And "wedding" in the next sentence...? Why all this suspense?

  2. Here's how my mind works: so there's a Big Announcement, and on the next line you mention a wedding . . . so, do we need to ask . . . who's the lucky girl? ;-)

    My husband, also b-day on the 26th, asked for a Coca Cola Cake.

    Have a great week. Safe travels!

    1. HA! No wedding for me. I'm conducting a wedding. Does one conduct a wedding? I'm celebrating a Matrimonial Mass for two others. So husband is a Gemini. Nuff said. ;-)

    2. Yep, husband's a Gemini . . . I'm a (gasp) Scorpio. More than enough said!! The stars said it would never last. :-)

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    From the way you write and sense of humor and zombies I pegged you around 38.

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