23 May 2013

Made it Home. . .Thanks be to God!

After multiple weather delays, I've made it back to Nawlins'!

Had a very good time with the brothers at our new studium  in St. Louis.

I'm about ready to fall asleep in the keyboard.

Because I have a squirrel brain. . .I managed to leave my a.m. HBP meds here in NOLA.  So, I've been w/o them for about five days.  Not good. 

Tomorrow:  7am Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary, wedding rehearsal, and the 5.30pm Mass at St. Dominic.

Oh, and then there's that BIG Announcement I promised. . .well, my time at St Dominic is coming to an end. . .I'll be working full-time at. . .Zzzzzzzzz. . .   
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