05 April 2013

Why aren't the media covering an abortionist's murder trial?

Once again, bloggers are left to do the reporting that "journalists" are supposed to be doing. But when the Story doesn't fit the Pro-Abortion Narrative. . .all's quiet on the media front.

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Case in point: It is no secret that most in the mainstream press embrace abortion rights and take every opportunity to cast pro-life advocates in a bad light—as when they use a politician’s insensitive or mangled words to smear the entire movement. In contrast, the late-term abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, currently on trial for murder in Philadelphia, is being treated as an obscurity.

For those who may not know, Gosnell is charged with running a veritable abattoir at which clinic personnel allegedly severed the spines of viable babies and killed an abortion patient. Evidence has revealed that fetal body parts were stored at his clinic in jars as macabre trophies. All of this, of course, also grossly violated the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, as well as any reasonable baseline of medical ethics.

The Gosnell story should be huge. But the media has generally looked the other way. As of this writing, the major network nightly news programs have not even covered the trial, and most reporting outside of the Philadelphia area has been sporadic, placed on inside pages, and written blandly—the kind of low-voltage reportage easily lost in the constant white noise of media overload. On March 19, for example, the New York Times reported the start of the trial on page A-17, and has not covered the graphic testimony or provocative allegations of racism by the defense (Gosnell is African-American.)

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  1. I read about this last week, and it made me ill. Anger, sadness, disbelief...there is evil in every generation, but the level to which this particular evil is ignored or glossed over is, well, it's difficult to look at it square in the eye. Difficult for me b/c I, at one level, don't want to understand or know where it comes from, but on another level knowing I must look and must confront. There is so much denial going around - which is probably one reason why my name has been the contact for Rosary for Life for over two years, and last week was the first time someone contacted me. But for the MSM and others there is a deeper agenda, and we need to overcome our denial to face and fight that agenda. And I fear that overcoming the rampant denial may be the more challenging battle.