06 April 2013

Coffee Bowl Browsing: the Return!

I frequently hear from HA readers that Coffee Cup Browsing is their favorite feature of this blog. Of late, CCB has been woefully absent. Why? Well, it takes a lot of time to find and arrange the links. While I was in Rome (2008-2011), I had a lot more free time to browse the web, sometimes posting as many as 30 times in a week. These days I do well to get a daily homily posted in time for Mass!  

But. . .things are about to change, I hope. I have a job interview this coming Thursday. If I get the job, I won't be tied to a parish schedule. I will still be busy, but the busyness won't be dictated by confession/Mass times and the need to be available 24/7.

So, in celebration of this Spring Time Change. . .I give you:  Coffee Cup Browsing!

A Black Robed Master has decreed that The Pill be made available over the counter.  

Gun control fizzle. . .b/c Americans aren't stupid. We recognize a power-grab when we see one.

Don't tell my father about this group. . .his head will implode.

Um, you bet that a university that employs a "Provost for Diversity and Inclusion" is not going to be friendly to the Church.

Rich socialists hate wealth. . .well, they hate your wealth anyway.

Reliable source on the Scandals, or muckraking anti-Catholic bigots?

Piers Morgan, Zeitgeist Torquemada. . .

What does the US Army think that the KKK, the Catholic Church, and Hamas have in common? 
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  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Perhaps it's my Hibernian genes or maybe just old fashioned American national pride, but the importation of this Brit (Catholic, btw) to pontificate at Americans over how they must feel and think, etc. only adds to the insult.

    I am shocked, however, that CNN missed the opportunity to replace Old White Male Larry King with a diverse and inclusive Womyn of Color.

  2. The byte about the US Army listing the Church as an organization of religious extremists cites it happened during an Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief.

    FWIW, the last portion of my 22 year career in the USN saw me performing a secondary duty as Equal Opportunity (EO) Seminar facilitator. The description on The Blaze and other sites makes this incident sound remarkably like such a setting. If so then this "presenter" of the training was probably an agenda driven wingnut, someone who uses that venue to push her own beliefs (maybe she's Wiccan). Fools in the EO program with a chip on their shoulders were a dime a dozen when I was on active duty, one mid level non com (2nd Class Petty Officer in this case) was able to recite the DOD policy on sexual harassment from memory BEFORE she was certified as a facilitator.

    Did she have an agenda? Does a wild bear relieve himself in the woods? Same answer to both questions.

    Heres my point: You can bet that the attitude driving this incident isn't far removed from the mainstream thinking of our average military member with no strong religious convictions. Not all armed forces personnel will think in this manner, maybe not the majority either. But a portion that is greater in size than a decade or so ago will.

    We have a volunteer military, speaking from my experience you can bet that it's a fair mirror of society at large. If it were modeled along the lines of Turkey or some of our southern neighbors it would probably be more isolated from mainstream thinking. Ours isn't isolated in that way and it's generally a good thing. Anyway, it follows that while the majority of Americans don't consider evangelicals and Catholics as religious extremists, a growing number do. If you doubt that then I suggest debating the topic of gay "marriage" at your next lunch with members of the general public, mention the Catholic Church, the Mormons or any evangelical denomination while you're at it. Hope you're wearing rhino hide underwear, you may need it.

    We who profess to follow Christ are becoming more marginalized, more counter cultural. That's as it should be. But Christ promised His followers would be persecuted just as He was. While I doubt we'll be hung on a cross, I've a firm belief we're in for some rough times in the next few decades.

    It's gonna be a wild ride.

  3. LudiDomestici9:44 AM

    L'Osservatore Romano:


    1. Thanks, Ludi. . .that's a great pic of our Holy Father! I'm delighted that he's chosen to forgo living in the papal apartments. I'm all for solitude but even I would get lonely in that much space.

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Careful when you say black robed master. I thought it was going to be a Jesuit professor.