28 April 2013

RIP. . .laptop

I think the video card on my laptop died this afternoon. 

The screen just went black. It's been "jumpy" lately, frequently turning red.

Anyway, blogging and email will be slow until I can get a replacement card, or a new laptop.

Fr. Philip

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  1. fr. Dismas, OP12:30 AM

    How old's the laptop? ~5 years, probably worth replacing, especially if the laptop is out of warranty.

  2. Yup. She's five yrs old. Everything is working but the monitor. With the prices of decent laptops so low, I'll probably just ask permission to replace it. Donations appreciated! ;-)

    Oh, and I not getting an iPad. Those things look like big cell phones.

  3. Frequently the video in laptops are "integrated" or in other words there is no separate video card that can be replaced. The video is processed by a chip on the motherboard. A short term solution to continue using the laptop is to attach an external monitor to the laptop until you can get a replacement laptop.

    1. Or a flat screen TV (through HDMI/VGA).