18 January 2013

Mass Oops!

I celebrated the Mass this morning, but Deacon John preached.

Since Friday is Fr. Mike's day off, I also have the evening Mass. . .where I always preach.

Today, however, one of the other friars in the house was scheduled to celebrate the evening Mass.

Or so I thought.

Thinking that I'd better make sure that this friar--a relatively addition to the community--had remembered that he had the evening Mass, I strolled over to the church only to discover that I'd made a mistake.  

I had the evening Mass. . .and no homily prepared.  So. . .I had to wing it.

This is my longish excuse for not having a homily posted today.

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  1. Thought you'd get off that easily did you? I'm usually working, but today I wasn't so I logged in and listened. I couldn't tell you were winging it until near the end, and aside from a rather abrupt ending, I thought it was pretty good - though personally no one's "quick" explanation of how prayer works has ever really cut it for me. When you give the 3.5 hour theological lecture let me know so I can get tickets - it's one I'd like to hear.

    1. I'd forgotten about the "listen in" option! The ending was abrupt b/c I felt a Longer Discourse coming on. . .and there was a wedding rehearsal scheduled at 6.00pm. . .the clergy for that event were sitting in the back of the Church. . .so having to wing-it at the last minute was even more anxiety-inducing!