17 January 2013

Coffee Cup Browsing (nel pomeriggio)

Existing CT and federal law didn't prevent the Newtown massacre. Neither will B.O.'s impotent, grandstanding executive orders.

Speaking of asking the question: what gets left out?  "Journalism didn't just die, it went to work for the enemy."

Are gun-grabbers racists?  Hmmm. . .starting to look that way. . .

Fascinating post explaining why the Free Exercise (of Religion) Clause is more complicated in practice than we thought.

And another excellent piece on VC2's Declaration on Religious Liberty, Dignitatis Humanae.

Today's date is actually January 17, 1712.  I love conspiracy theories.

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  1. Father, I went to UT, and while there are dozens of black history, Aztec studies, and all that garbage, those classes typically have 8 or 10 or 12 students in them. The generic US government/history classes generally have 500 in them. I'm not kidding, they are held in huge auditoriums, and a half dozen TAs grade the tests for the prof. So, even though there may be a huge number of leftist studies courses, the majority of students - it was the vast majority when I was at UT 20 years ago - take the "regular" US government/history courses.

    1. Right. . .but what about US gov't are those 500 being taught? My guess: largely condensed versions of the identity politics classes.

  2. Though many people may want to "fix" the HIPAA regs, skirting around them to allow state/federal intrusion into someone's medical records is not the way to go, especially with psychiatric diagnoses. In most states, psychotherapy notes are already double-protected, and gathering just the billing code or the meds used is not even close to getting a full picture. It may seem like a good idea to allow this information to be looked into prior to gun purchase, but I'm not sure how many people actually realize the wide-range of what is considered a psychological diagnosis.

    Anyway, with the meaningless use (oops, meaningFUL use) requirements for current electronic medical records vendors, there is a required "back door" for the federal government to be able to look at patient records without any permission from anyone. And the electronic prescribing, which is pretty nearly required or physicians are penalized monetarily, also sends a fair amount of information on each patient which isn't really required for the prescription. I thing "they" already have access to a lot of this information, but are just using the gun/safety angle as one excuse to actively use it and gather it in the daylight with the "full support" of the American public.

    Call me cynical if you want.

  3. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Re gun grabbing racists. I suggest that "racist" only means "bad Whites failing to appease Blacks" and that it has become a bad-faith word, noting nothing more than a Leftist rhetorical club to bash people with. I suggest you consider abandoning it.

    And if you look at the demographics of gun violence and gun deaths, then taking guns away from Blacks would in fact lead to a plummeting of the death stats. Aside from the sensational multiple killings, the real "American" problem with gun violence is demographically localized.

    1. I was sorta making fun of the way the word "racist" has become completely meaningless b/c it's used as a political club.

    2. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Pardon my lack hermeneutical perspicacity, O Doctor Subtilis. :)