27 November 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

A lesbian walks into a Muslim-owned barber shop in PC infested Canada. . .

Speaking of PC infestations: Muslim group to "mutilate and execute" a group of gay men. Any bets on whether or not we'll see a Hollywood/MSM protest?

Cutting adjunct hours to avoid paying for ObamaCare.

All the "smartest" people voted for B.O. . .um, then why are all the "smart" states in economic free-fall?

A theory about the nature and purpose of the Book of Revelation. . .basically, this is my view of this complex and beautiful book.

A brief history of tobacco use among popes, saints, and saints-in-waiting.  I'd heard while in Rome that BXVI used to be a heavy smoker.

SCOTUS breathes new life into religious liberty challenge against HHS mandate.

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  1. When we moved here it was advertised as the "most educated county in the state" (highest number of college educated and advanced degrees per capita). With 68% approval rate in our county for legalizing marijuana - highest percentage approval in the state - that whole "smartest people" thing has left me wondering.

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I wonder how the lesbian offended by the Muslim felt about Scott Brockie and the other Canadian Christians who were victimized by LGBT lawfare?http://www.theinterim.com/2004/june/02scottbrockie.html.
    Or in New Mexico, the photographers fined for refusing to take pix at a lesbian wedding ceremony?

    I am a gay man myself, but I find the use of legal force against people who disagree with homosexuality to be appalling and hypocritical.

    Inside every victim lies the seed of another tyrant.

    1. It's what happens when a culture separates the truth from power. . .all that remains is power. Whoever has the most money and guns wins.

  3. Nope. "Whoever has the most money and guns wins." = Republicans

    1. Well, it seems to me that both parties do their fair share of turning "guns and money" into power. Let's not forget that B.O. was the biggest benefactor of Wall St. in 2008.