16 November 2012

Coffee Bowl Browsing

More Swing State Unemployment. . .it's uncharitable to call these voters "suckers."

Why isn't Sandy Obama's Katrina?  Good question. But we all know the answer. . .

On failing to follow the trends advice of the NYT. . .hilarious piece.

Political thuggishness, criminal activity, economic intimidation.  And now this: unions kill the Twinkie.

About 6,000 union workers cause 18,000 people to lose their jobs.  How is that just?

A few legal questions and answers about secession. It get the impulse. . .but it's a Bad Idea.

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  1. ModerateRealist12:21 PM

    "It's uncharitable to call these voters suckers." My favorite rhetorical device, paralepsis.

    As for your Katrina question, the taboo answer to that one leads Beyond The Pale, even though it's true. And once you open your eyes, you see what a painful paradigm it is.

    1. I'm sure that I no idea what you're talking about. . .