11 November 2012

Coffee Bowl Browsing: The Return!

I Give You: the beautiful efficiencies of Big Gov't!  (applause)

2012 Abyss:  doubling down on incompetence and corruption

More Catholic software from LOGOS

On being promoted to Captain of the Titanic mid-voyage. . .with better lodging.

Blue State prosperity: slash public services, raise taxes, pay for sex-change operations.

Great. Syria and Israel get into a fire fight and we've got The Amateur in the W.H.

Media get mugged (literally). . .well, they've been mugging us for years now.

Let's get the Marriage Conversation right. . .I'm not sure that getting it right will change minds.

I understand why they want to do this, but it's gonna backfire.

Yet another hate crime hoax.  Maybe the Boy Who Cried Wolf should be required reading.

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1 comment:

  1. Things may look bad as a result of Tuesday, but at least we'll get free cell phones.